SwitchItOn is developing novel molecular switches, which will enable regulation of the expression of multiple (trans)genes in cellular and animal models at the same time in a precise manner. This breakthrough technology has the potential of revolutionizing preclinical testing of new treatments for genetically complicated diseases like cancer, as it will allow a much more precise modelling of the disease in vivo. Better modelling means 1) reduction of the number of animals needed for experiments, 2) reduction of the costs of preclinical testing and 3) reduced preclinical testing time. In other words, the SwitchItOn systems will allow new drugs to reach the market in shorter time and at lower cost, a huge benefit for the patients and the healthcare system.

For the business of PolyGene the novel systems developed through SwitchItOn are of enormous value. They will not only significantly improve the well known transgenic service portfolio of the company but will also provide it with the opportunity to enter new preclinical drug testing markets, for example in Oncoimmunology or Ageing. The partner companies, Mind the Bite and TargetEx, will develop their respective SMA technology and cell culture models further and benefit from improved market access.

TargetEx expects from the project outcomes improved capabilities in the field of mammalian protein production and as a consequence widened business possibilities. The envisaged controlled expression systems would fit perfectly TargetEx’ existing service portfolio. Besides that, IP rights may be generated on TargetEx’ side as the result of the project, which could be an added value of the project for TargetEx and of the above described marketable products and services.