University of Zürich

Raffaella Santoro’s research group studies the basic mechanisms of gene regulation and chromatin dynamics in embryonic stem cells and cancer, with the goal of developing novel therapies. It is known that imbalance of correct ribosomal DNA chromatin modulation, as well as epigenetic changes in ribosomal RNA genes can lead to pathologies. How exactly these complex processes occur is however still under investigation. The laboratory has long standing expertise in the analysis of protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions using both in vitro and in vivo methods. This expertise, especially in the development of EMSA assays, is very important for the success of the SwitchItOn project. The research group is part of the Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, a joint department of the Vetsuisse Faculty (VSF) and the Faculty of Science (MNF) at the University of Zurich.