Intelligent Pharma

INTELLIGENT PHARMA provides services on molecular design in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other life science industries to identify novel bioactive molecules. We develop cutting-edge technology and with it, we perform high-quality and innovative services to inspire the innovation process of designing molecules, filtering ideas, and de-risking candidates.

We specialize in developing state of the art technology to visualize and understand interactions between large and small molecules to support lead optimization projects, identify and prioritize bioactive molecules targeted for commercial applications or investigative research. We offer different technology flavors to better support our customers from different market segments. We also offer software-as-a-service and stand-alone technologies for the discovery of mechanism of actions, which are knowledge based technologies for predicting potential new targets for ligands, improving selectivity profiles, and filtering compounds with potential toxicities.

Users of our technologies and services reside in 20 countries globally. Sectors include Big Pharma (35%), SMEs comprising Chemistry, Biotech, Natural Products, & Small Pharma (35%), Nutrition, Cosmetic, Animal Health, Tobacco and Agrochemical (20%) and non-profits (10%). Within these sectors, we target computer aided molecular design experts, chemists involved in hit discovery and lead optimization, researchers scouting for compounds to advance their scientific investigations and educators involved in training the next generation of scientists in lead compound design and CADD technology.

Since December 2017, Intelligent Pharma is part of Mind the Byte. Please refer to the acquiring company for more information.